AFSL Compliance

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AFSL Compliance is

what we do,

and we do it well.

We make the process of securing and running your own Australian Financial Services Licence as easy as possible and let you get on with the business of financial advice.


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AFSL Compliance
Makes it Easy.

We make it easy to obtain your own AFSL by providing a full service and charging a fixed fee. Once you’re licensed, it’s our role to provide you with the best compliance solutions and make it easy for you.
Self-licensing for Financial Advisers
What makes us different:

Solutions are tailored for each practice. We take the time to understand your practice, what you want and what you need.

We deliver smart, practical solutions, not just a rehash of the law of ASIC guidance.

We challenge how things are done and always look for better solutions.

Your clients are our priority, professionalism and quality advice are always top of mind.

We get our hands dirty to identify issues and solve problems.

This has made us the leading provider of compliance services to self-licensed practices.