AFSL Compliance


Self Licensed

We make the process of establishing your AFSL as painless as possible. We provide a full service and charge a fixed fee of $8,000 plus GST for most single practice licenses.

Any questions?

We’re always happy to share our experience and knowledge with you. If you’d like to discuss what is involved in running your own licence, the costs involved, or whether it’s right for your practice, we can assist.

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Our AFSL Set-up Service

So, why AFSL Compliance?

Why AFSL Compliance - Experience & Knowledge

Experience & knowledge

We have successfully completed hundreds of licence applications for our clients.

Why AFSL Compliance - Minimal work for you

Minimal work for you

We take care of the application process from beginning to end, leaving you with minimal work to complete.

Why AFSL Compliance - Tailored to your practice

Tailored to your practice

We build your licensee compliance arrangements. We tailor the licensee compliance manual to your practice and complete the registers for you — it is not a one size fits all template that leaves you with all the work.

Why AFSL Compliance - Support for your team

Support for your team

We provide one-on-one training so you understand your new licensee obligations and how to best meet them. You'll also receive our compliance update email on a regular basis.

Pre Application

  • Guidance on licensing structure
  • Guidance for your Responsible Manager selection
  • Guidance to determine your licence authorisations 
  • Guidance on licensee transition

Licence application

  • Manage your licence application process
  • Preparing the online licence application
  • Preparing the supporting proof documents
  • Prepare responses to any queries on your application
  • Review the draft licence issued by ASIC

Materials & Support

  • Tailored licensee compliance manual with your policies, registers and checklists
  • Responsible Manager training
  • Financial Services guide
  • Assistance with ASIC lodgements and other registrations
  • Compliance Update emails for your first 12 months

Indicative Annual Licensee Costs